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That spirit’s name is War

Lies inside this forest

A spirit who dwells and mourns

It feeds with fear and conquest

Hoping that glory returns

No need to cast a first stone

It’s just a matter of time

Like dogs crushing the bone

Oh no, no life left behind

Only that spirit prevails

With claws made of regret

With anger in his breath

No sound can be heard

No sight anymore

Inside and outside the fog of war.


Raúl Otoniel (April 7, 2013)

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Dreamers under a black curtain

Pavement and city lights

Dynamic landscape

The furious machine fights

A driver meets his fate

Speed creates the spell

Outside the breeze is cool

But the engine now is hell

No doubt, my senses are full

We cross the night like spears

We chase, we stop, we gaze

There’s no time for fears

Kings and masters of the uncertain

Our kingdom rests on wheels

Dreamers under a black curtain.


Raúl Otoniel (April 5, 2013)

A word

Yes, word by word

You can change the world

Letter by letter by letter

Sound by sound is better

Ideas: ancient, old and novel

Serve in this crusade of the noble

Sure it´s not an easy path

Sure you can take a pass

But if heart doesn’t betray you

And thou love thy neighbor

Words of warmth you’ll harbor

Every word has a scent

Every word again and again

Word by word we all gain.


Raúl Otoniel (April 1, 2013)

Bit by bit we bite the byte

Led ahead by success

More connection more progress

Inside the virtual landscapes

Where the soul escapes

Sustained by News Feeds

Each day brings new meals

We make click or slide the screen

To reveal the gross and the keen

Bit by bit we bite the byte

Surfing, scrolling worlds alike

It makes no difference day or night

Bit by bit we bite the byte

From a cloud in digital sky

First we taste, then we like.


Raúl Otoniel (April 1, 2013)

New cycles

Searching for new paths

Discarding old artifacts

Keeping what bears no shame

Trusting and thrusting in this new lane

Every day is a discovery

The soul is ready and hungry

Eyes, ears, touch, all fine tuned

Guiding me are the stars and our moon

Serendipity blows old bridges

Serendipity finds new ways

My heart rises in such days

New shapes new colors new faces

Puzzles seducing my senses

And love the universal code breaker


Raúl Otoniel (March 31, 2013)

Yes, and yes, and always yes

May the times in our lives coincide

May the the winds in our flights never subside

May the Moon be our faithful ally

May our worlds strangely collide

And when the rusty door closes

And when the darkness approaches

We shall rise to the occasion

And find a new destination

Among different stars in the sky

By a different configuration of the night

We meet at the prairie of creation

What was it? I don’t really know

I don’t even know what’s next

But I say yes, and yes, and always yes.


Raúl Otoniel (March 20, 2013)

Standing in the shore

Standing in the shore

I see the ocean of words

A journey begins

Sailing with the winds


Raúl Otoniel (January 28, 2013)

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